Suggested Titles to Add to Your Library

Retoños de España en la Nueva Galicia

A compilation of names and histories done over a 40-year period by the author full of invaluable information about the families of Los Altos and Jalisco and their descendants in other areas of Mexico. Nueva Galicia was a kingdom of New Spain and comprised the modern day states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes. $784.00

Los Villaseñor de Michoacán

More than 770 years of history in 20 generations. $187.00

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Familias y Casas de la Vieja Valladolid

This work features 64 family genealogies with over 7000 names. $184.00

San Francisco de Conchos la Misión y el Presidio (1604-1755))

An interesting history of the presidio in a small town in southern Chihuahua including a list of the soldiers who served there. $33.00