Suggested Titles to Add to Your Library

Familias y Casas de la Vieja Valladolid

This monumental work of Gabriel Ibarrola Arriaga represents years of researching the historical records in the archives of Morelia Patzcuaro, Zamora, Tarimbaro and Guanajuato. CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE THE INDEX of over 60 family records including their descendants reflecting over 7000 names. The people in this book are those who left their mark on the history of the colonial province of Nueva Galicia. $184

Retoños de España en la Nueva Galicia

A compilation of names and histories done over a 40-year period by the author full of invaluable information about the families of Los Altos and Jalisco and their descendants in other areas of Mexico. Nueva Galicia was a kingdom of New Spain and comprised the modern day states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes. $784.00

The Codex Borgia, is a member of, and gives its name to, the Borgia Groups of manuscripts.  It is considered to be among the most important sources for the study of Central Mexican gods, ritual, divination, calendar, religion and iconography.  It is one of only a handful of pre-Columbian Mexican codices that were not destroyed during the conquest in the 16th century; it was perhaps written near Cholula, Tlaxcala, Huejotzingo or the Mixtec region of Puebla.  Its ethnic affiliation is unclear, and could either have been produced by Nahuatl-speaking Tlaxcaltec people, Cholulteca people, or by the Mixtec.  Wikipedia  

The Codex Borgia is enclosed in a special wooden cover held together by leather ties and is accompanied by  a 536-page guide to the codex itself.  $3,340.00 including shipping within the United States. 

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